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Synopsis of The Black Phone Film which will air on February 4, 2022

The Black Phone film will be released on February 4, 2022. This horror, thriller genre film will be a nightmare for children.”The Black Phone” premiered at Universal Pictures’ Fantastic Fest released theatrically on January 28, 2022.

Played by Ethan Hawke, James Ransone, Jeremy Davies, Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw who will accompany you in tension when watching the film ‘The Black Phone’.

The following is a synopsis of the film ‘The Black Phone’ which will air on February 4, 2022.
Tells the story of Finney Shaw, a shy but smart 13 year old boy. He is kidnapped by a sadistic assassin and trapped in a soundproof basement, where screaming sounds are of no use.

When the disconnected phone on the wall begins to ring, Finney finds that he can hear the voices of the previous killer’s victims. And they were determined to make sure that what happened to them didn’t happen to Finney.

In this process of the film ‘ČIERNY TELEFÓN (2022) CELÝ FILM‘, the supernatural aspect of dead children talking to Finney over the phone sounds bland, but is executed well through scary special effects and editing.
Their stuttering voices are coupled with a bloody presentation of what “The Grabber” did to them in the final hours, striking portraits that produce some well-timed and effective jump scares.


Meanwhile, production designer Patti Podesta and costume designer Amy Andrews, beautifully immerse audiences into the ’70s in a naturalistic way that doesn’t feel forced or overdone for nostalgic purposes.

To build on this time frame, Brett Jutkiewicz added texture to the film’s story with grainy cinematography and vintage light that captures the dichotomy of a sleepy city marred by a prolific killer.


“The Black Phone” is a short, suspenseful terror shrouded in themes of friendship, family, and inventive depictions of resilience. Every aspect of this film emotionally captures and overcomes eternal fear with sharp precision.

Derrickson and Cargill’s collaborative vision navigates horror across multiple avenues and preys on traditional forms of strength and weakness through aspects of religion and intimacy.

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For example, terror can live side by side in the form of a killer at the same time residing in the heart or simply walking down the halls of a school.

The audience-hosting duo “Sinister” is now delivering a film with a somber yet comforting reminder that horror is everywhere, but sometimes you can find a lifeline in the darkest of times if you just listen.