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The 10 Best Traditional Disney Animated Films

In ancient times, before computers were invented. Humans make animated film Az utolsó párbaj teljes film by drawing their characters on blank white paper. Like a magic wand, the skillful hands of the animators bring fairy tales to life with beautiful pictures.

Walt Disney is considered a pioneer in the art of animation Gyilkos Halloween teljes film, presenting us with characters ranging from Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, etc. However, apart from these cute cartoon characters, Disney also presents us with feature length animations created by the amazing hands of the animators.

Syahdan, starting 1995, Disney released Toy Story made by Pixar. Since then the golden era of computer animation began. Since Toy Story, more animated film No Time To Die Teljes filmek have been made by computer than by hand.

Well, looking at the top of the box office in the last two weeks, there is an interesting phenomenon. The hand-drawn animated film Post Mortem Teljes film magyarul aka the traditional animation The Lion King, originally released in 1994, has been re-released in 3D. As a result, for 2 weeks The Lion King (3D) dominated the top box office beating films starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Robert DeNiro.

Commemorating Walt Disney’s return to traditional animation prowess at the box office, we’re rating the 10 traditional Disney animated films that we think are the best.

Frankly, it’s hard to choose just 10 films among Disney’s animated film Mancs őrjárat: A film teljes film that span from 1937’s Snow White to 2009’s The Princess and the Frog. It is with a heavy heart that we get rid of a number of our favorite animated films after weighing them up with other Disney animated films.

As a result, here are our 10 picks. May agree, may not.

Pocahontas, 1995


Throughout its history, Walt Disney gave birth to iconic princesses with their signature makeup: beautiful, white skin with fluffy skirts. Because Disney often depicts a beautiful white princess, many think it perpetuates the hegemony of whites over other skins. The beautiful image of a Disney version of a princess is considered an ideal image. In addition to the Disney version, it is considered not beautiful. Disney later became aware of the criticism. After repeatedly raising Western fairy tales, Disney turned to stories that featured minorities as the main characters. Pocahontas, released in 1996, depicts the figure of a princess from an Indian tribe, a minority in the United States. Of course, Pocahontas’ daughter is neither white nor wearing a corset and a fluffy skirt. The story of the encounter of white people with people of color on American soil is considered a suitable medium to explain differences and tolerance. Oh yes, you watched James Cameron’s Avatar the other day? There are similarities in the story with Pocahontas, right?

Lady and the Tramp, 1955

Of course, when people mention this film, people immediately remember the moment when two dogs were sitting together eating spaghetti while listening to the chanting of the song “Bella Notte”. While eating the same noodles, two lovebirds in the form of dogs, Lady and Tramp, accidentally kiss. The moment is considered one of the most romantic moments in the history of cinema. But, you know, when Walt Disney saw a rough cut of the scene, he didn’t approve of it. Luckily he changed his mind. Lady in the Tramp is considered the moment when Disney returns to simple storytelling without any ambition to adapt popular novels or fairy tales. As a result, Disney is still able to captivate audiences of all ages from every generation. Watched again, by current and future generations, this film is still captivating.

Tarzan, 1999


Tarzan approaching Disney’s new millennium is not just hanging from one tree to another, or screaming loudly for other animals. He more often moves agile like a tree is a sled. For me, even though it’s in animated form, Disney tells the legend of Tarzan to its closest to the original. The figure of Tarzan who was raised by apes since he was a baby—that’s why he is often nicknamed Ape Man—makes him have a body language like an ape. Tarzan, for example, is rarely seen standing upright, moving more often than a chimpanzee. Despite that originality, Disney’s version of Tarzan is the perfect story about the search for human identity. Moreover, Phil Collins’ melodious music sustains, making this film even more captivating.