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The 21st Century Fake Accent Matrix

Oscar Isaac’s “British” accent joins the likes of Amanda Seyfried’s Elizabeth Holmes and Julia Garner’s Anna Delvey, it’s become necessary to codify and categorize the dialect work of so many actors over the past 20-plus years. There are plenty of reasons for the current onslaught of scammer shows and Silicon Valley biopics. First of all, there were a whole slew of juicy scams exposed around 2018—the sordid true-life tales were then turned into TV specials, then documentaries, and through the physics of the Hollywood Time Continuum, arrived on our streaming platforms as scripted prestige dramas within mere months of one another in 2022. There is an entire podcast genre predicated on the fact that people love to learn about crime, and when it can’t be murder, corporate fraud is a close second.

Are those good reasons to put out this much thematically overlapping content all at once? Perhaps we’ll know in about a year when the last Elizabeth Holmes project has been ushered through, the Tiger King ashes have lost their final glowing embers, and WeWork has dumped out its last carafe of fruit water. But there’s still one obvious but lesser discussed reason that all of these based-on-true-events series keep coming out: our Hollywood actors love nothing more than to take a big ol’ honking swing at the juicy dialect of a real-life villain. Do you remember where you were the first time you heard the voice of Elizabeth Holmes? Do you remember the first time you tried out the “First they think you’re crazy, then they fight you” accent yourself? Now imagine you’re Amanda Seyfried, and someone is saying they’ll pay you a bunch of money to do the exact same thing, and you can wear a wig that looks like a disemboweled broom while doing it.

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This week, a new big accent swing hits the market, but its IP is neither scammer nor tech bro adjacent. Because really, no genre is safe from accent work. In Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac attempts an English accent, and it is—well, what’s the auditory version of a sight to behold? A sound to be-heard? In Isaac’s honor, and for our own TV-watching sanity, I think it’s high time we provide a little vocal context to the many, many new accents, dialects, idiolects, and cacophony of sounds we’ve been asked to take in over the past few months.

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