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The best Christmas movies to watch over the weekend

Today we will introduce you to the best christmas movies Within the extensive catalog of the famous Netflix platform to watch during the weekend either alone or with your family.

Christmas is just around the corner and after spending December 24 with the family, it is a good idea to spend the 25th resting with a good movie.

It is for that reason that we leave you the best Christmas movies to watch on Netflix and in others platforms streaming these days.

Weekend for Christmas movies to watch on Netflix

It’s Christmas Day, and you know what that means … its time to binge our favorite classic Christmas movies all over again, but which of the classics are available to watch on Netflix?

Netflix has a huge collection of holiday films, there’s no question about it, but when it comes to classics Christmas movies, the streaming platform doesn’t have quite the selection we would have hoped for. So if you’re looking to watch classic Christmas movies such as Home Alone (1990), Miracle on 34th Street (1994), How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000), The Santa Clause (1994), or Elf (2003) unfortunately you’ll be disappointed. While these titles were previously available to stream, it seems that for Christmas 2021 Netflix has these titles Marvel film news 2021.

That being said, Netflix does still happen to have two of the most popular Christmas movies in its library, so that’s still something!

Classic Christmas movies on Netflix

As mentioned classic Christmas movies on Netflix are a bit sparse, but the streamer still has some classics that we’re sure you’ll love! Read the synopsis, watch the trailer and impress your friends or family with a movie quote from our two favorite Christmas movies (ever!), below.

Watch on Christmas 2021

Christmas Eve 2021 has arrived, and you need something to watch on Netflix.

We shared a list of the best Netflix shows to watch this Christmas Eve and also sprinkled in a few Netflix movies for you to watch.

It’s always hard to find something to watch, especially if you add in friends and family and are looking for something the whole group hasn’t seen. We tried to pick enough Netflix shows and movies to avoid that problem, and we also tried to pick a variety of genres to make sure everyone has something to watch Film Spiderman no way home Online.

Chipotle open on Christmas Eve and Christmas 2021

If you don’t want to cook on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day 2021, you may be wondering if Chipotle is an alternative option. While Chipotle is open on Christmas Eve (limited hours), it is completely closed on Christmas Day. Here are all the details.

Chipotle closes early on Christmas Eve

It is important to emphasize that “most” Chipotle restaurants close at 3:00 pm You should check with your restaurant to confirm that they are following this schedule and that they do not close earlier or later. You can see a list of all Chipotle restaurants in every US state (or even Canada or Europe) here. Or find a Chipotle near you by clicking here. Here you can also order online for pickup or delivery through the Chipotle website.

Chipotle won’t open on Christmas day

There are still plenty of other options for Christmas Day, if you need to go out to eat. For example, Waffle House is open nationwide and has options for those who don’t want to cook at home. Other restaurants expected to be open around Christmas (at least in some places, according to USA Today) include Applebee’s, Baskin-Robbins, Denny’s, Firehouse Subs, Golden Corral, Benihana, IHOP, Papa John’s, Perkins, Ruth’s Chris, Starbucks , TGI Friday’s, Burger King, McDonald’s, Arby’s, Sonic, Popeyes, Wendy’s and more.

Chipotle Specials

Chipotle is currently offering a $ 0 shipping fee when you use promo code DELIVER when paying online through the Chipotle website, through January 1, 2022, at participating locations. Chipotle also now offers “one-touch order” where you can add an item to your bag as it comes. An example is Cowboys player CeeDeeLamb’s Lamb Bowl, which comes with white rice, half chicken / half steak, extra cheese, white cheese, and fresh tomato sauce.

If you join Chipotle Rewards, you can earn points for free food at Chipotle restaurants. You will earn points with your purchases that you can use for food or merchandise, and you will receive a special surprise for your birthday. There are also days when you earn more points or you can get bonus points for trying something new.