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The Biggest Movies Of All Time

Spider-Man: No Way Home opened December 17 and shattered box office records for the pandemic era and beyond. In case there is anyone out there left who still hasn’t seen the movie, this article will touch on some spoilers from the Sony/Marvel film — and the screenplay certainly will.

In the script by franchise veterans Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers, everyone knows that Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is Spider-Man: No Way Home Streaming ITA now that J. Jonah Jameson (J.K. Simmons) outed him on his webcast. Far From Home villain Mysterio even framed him as a murderer, but the worst part about it is Peter, M.J. (Zendaya) and Ned (Jacob Batalon) all get rejected from MIT for their association with Spider-Man.

Peter tries to make it right by having Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) cast a spell to make everyone forget he’s Spider-Man. However, Strange senses a disturbance before he can abort the spell. Sure enough, the spell gone wrong attracts villains from the 2002-2007 Spider-Man trilogy and both Amazing Spider-Man films too. And yes, eventually Holland’s Peter teams with Tobey Maguire’s Peter and Andrew Garfield’s Peter in the ultimate live-action multiverse movie.

Not only is No Way Home the highest-grossing movie at the box office since 2019, but its climbing worldwide gross has surpassed Titanic and into the all-time global top 10. As of this past weekend, the Jon Watts-directed pic is No. 4 on the all-time domestic box office chart, overtaking Black Panther’s $700 million gross and approaching the records set by Avatar, Avengers: Endgame and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Note: Spider-Man: No Way Home streaming ITA

The film’s success and popularity has also generated unusual awards buzz. Fans have called on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to consider No Way Home a Best Picture nominee at the Oscars. Sony Pictures plans to campaign as such, and the pic has already scored on some top 10 critics lists and landed three VES Award nominations for its visual effects.

McKenna and Sommers also worked on Spider-Man:No Way Home streaming ITA comingsoon and Spider-Man: Far From Home. They wrote the No Way Home screenplay under the title Serenity Now as a decoy.

The Spider-Man: No Way Home Screenplay Is Now Available to Read in Full Online

The latest Tom Holland entry in the web-slinging franchise, which is reaching new heights at the box office despite the pandemic, is now available to read online via Deadline’s “Read the Screenplay” series. The script brings fans a play-by-play of the superhero action.

Written by Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers, the 182-page script used the codename title Serenity Now to disguise the Spider-Man story, which packs huge surprises. Not the least of which is the return of Tobey Maguire from Sam Raimi’s past Spider-Man franchise and Andrew Garfield from Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man:No Way Home streaming ITA movies.

This time around, Peter Parker (Holland) navigates his everyday life after the world finds out his superhero identity. Wishing to return to the way things were before everyone knew he is Spider-Man, Peter asks fellow Avenger Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to change the course of history. However, things go haywire when the two unintentionally break open the Multiverse and character from alternate realities start entering their world.

In the screenplay, Maguire’s character is listed as Raimi-verse Peter and Garfield as Webb-verse Peter.

The final line of the script explains where Holland’s Peter stands after the events of the film: “Spider-Man leaps and soars over the Rockefeller Christmas tree with a newfound sense of freedom. Liberated from having to juggle two lives. Peter Parker is no more, but Spider-Man lives on….”

This draft of the screenplay also features Garfield’s emotional line to the other Peter Parkers, “I love you guys,” which the actor said he improvised. He told Variety earlier this month about participating in the franchise-bending sequel, “There’s a line I improvised in the movie, looking at [Maguire and Holland] and I tell them I love them. That was just me loving them.”

McKenna and Sommers spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about finishing the jam-packed script, revealing that Maguire and Garfield signed on without even reading the screenplay.

“They were on board, but they hadn’t seen anything,” said McKenna. “They knew the idea, they trusted everyone, but we were in the middle of the war of making the movie, changing so much, but also — we were heading toward shooting them, so they had to see pages and basically see, ‘Okay, we know there has been a pandemic. We know this thing has gone through a million changes, we know it’s been really difficult.’ Luckily they read the pages and they were like, ‘Oh, okay, yes! We can work with this.’ ”

Added Sommers, “They had thoughts, and it was really interesting and helpful to see their thoughts. No one knows the character as well as — or gives as much thought to the character — as someone who has to then embody it and sell it. It’s always valuable to hear what the actor is thinking. It definitely shaped what we did.”

This article can help you to watch the movie: Spider-Man: No Way Home Streaming ITA

“They had great ideas that really elevated everything we were going for and added layers and an arc and we really actually started honing into the idea that these two guys were really helping Tom’s Peter on his journey to becoming who he ends up becoming,” said McKenna. “There’s a crucial, moral moment that they help him get through in the climax of the movie. So much of that was brought by Tobey and Andrew’s ideas and shaping of what they thought their characters could bring to this story.”

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