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The Christmas magic this week reveal their most unforgettable memories

Writing letters and leaving carrots out for Rudolph are mainstays of this season, but Santa is keeping up on his technology too. Apps and other tech offer fun ways for kids and adults to get in touch with and learn about all things Christmas.

ReindeerCam lets you peek in on the muscle behind Santa’s sleigh any time day or night. The big man himself visits every day, sometimes just to feed his reindeer, but other times he’ll read a story or some of his mail. You can watch many free videos or stream live through the app or website, but for a five dollar subscription, you get access to even more videos. Supporters can also add names to the “nice list” that scrolls along the website and will enjoy everything ad-free.

While checking Santa’s location on Christmas Eve often involves monitoring the NORAD tracker, it may not get specific enough for some waiting on the big guy. North Pole Flight Command is a website run by elves who coordinate Santa’s gift-giving journey. The online calculator takes into account the weather, head winds, reindeer stamina and real-time flight data to give an accurate time that Santa will arrive at your house. The website claims Santa arrives at most homes between midnight and 4 AM, in case you need to let your kids know the deadline for visions of sugarplums to fill their heads.

Use your smart home assistants to get in the holiday spirit. Just ask Amazon’s Alexa, or use “OK, Google” or “Hey Siri” to play Christmas music or have your kids ask the device to call Santa. Each one has its own way to respond that adds to the wonder. Apple devices will show a few different jolly messages, Google tells you about how the man in red is getting ready for a concert and needs help and Alexa responds with messages from elves, Jack Frost and Santa himself. Ask Alexa how many days are left until Christmas to hear a different message from St. Nick each day.

Christmas means family stories

In “All American Christmas” (Fox Books), out now, 23 Fox News personalities welcome readers into their Christmas celebrations. From baking to tree-trimming to lighting the candles of the household Advent wreath, they describe their most treasured seasonal rituals.

Here, contributors share the childhood Christmas memories that remain vivid decades later — and a few that their families will never let them forget.

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As the world’s biggest movie star, it’s hardly a shock to discover that fans have been spending their weekend watching movies featuring Dwayne Johnson, but it’s still impressive that his reach covers multiple platforms.