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The Doll 3: My Brother’s Spirit Didn’t Meet Papa Mama in the Afterlife

Not surprisingly, The Doll 3, starring Jessica Mila and Winky Wiryawan, was produced at a cost of more than 10 billion rupiah. The two previous volumes saw the audience jump more than double. Just to refresh your memory, The Doll (2016) for the first time terrorized the audience with Shandy Aulia and Denny Sumargo as spearheads. Both brought in 550 thousand viewers.

A year later The Doll 2 brought together Luna Maya and Herjunot Ali. Unexpectedly, it became the ninth highest-grossing film at the Indonesian box office with 1.2 million viewers. Now, a new couple is recruited to strengthen the film The Doll 3. Jessica Mila, which was successful with the dwilogy Mata Batin as Tara. The doll who became the troublemaker was Bobby. Here’s a review of the movie The Doll 3.

Tragedy in Tara’s Family

Tara (Jessica Mila) is hit by tragedy repeatedly. His parents died in a fatal accident at a crossroads. His younger brother, Gian (Zizie Zidane), who survived the severe trauma and is being treated in intensive care at the hospital. Gain was finally allowed to go home. Tara’s boyfriend, Aryan (Winky Wiryawan) presents Gian a Bobby doll which is currently viral. One day, Tara and Gian attend a new year’s celebration held by the company where he works.

There, Aryan (Winky Wiryawan) proposes to Tara. A romantic moment turns tragic when Gian disappears and is caught falling from the roof of a building. Since then, Aryan and Tara’s relationship has been strained.

Depressed with depression, a mad Tara asks a shaman to summon Gian’s spirit using Bobby’s medium. He said he wanted to communicate and apologize to the deceased.

Tara’s best friend, Rere (Masayu Anastasia) warns that a spirit that is summoned back to the world will never be the same again. The seance works but a number of odd things happen. First, Gian told Tara that in the afterlife he would not meet his papa and mama. The spirit admits that the place is different from that of his late parents. After that a series of disasters occurred. Starting from Aryan’s sister, Micah (Montserrat Gizelle) falls down the stairs of a wedding dress boutique.

The Doll 3 is based on the premise that the nature of the spirits of the people we love when called upon may no longer be the same as during their lifetime. This statement usually comes after the question: Can the spirits of our loved ones be summoned?

The story is then composed with Tara and Aryan as the central characters. From the start, Jessica Mila showed a convincing play of emotions. Starting with calm in the face of work pressure, a sign that he has gotten used to this kind of condition. Followed by their chemistry with Aryan, which indicates that their relationship is on a level playing field. The graphic of emotions rises clearly when you lose a sibling. This is a crucial phase that will lead the audience to long and tiring days of terror.

Jessica Mila’s expression when she came to Rere’s house with teary red eyes while trying to lean against the door implied deep tiredness mixed with a pile of negative emotions. Here, Tara has become a part of Jessica Mila.

The Doll 3 sharpens the character of its predecessors. In The Doll (2016) we know the Gawiyah doll who is passive but has many curses. The Doll 2 brings in Sabrina, who becomes a test of courage for Maira (Luna Maya) after losing a child. This doll begins to actively follow her mother to give signs and secrets that are stored in the house. Now, Bobby in The Doll 3 is more attractive. He can talk, walk, to hold dangerous goods.

The terror that Bobby brought led to horror in a gory and slasher nuance that made the audience ache. There are no horrible sightings that make the heart dislodge. This is purely a doll that has been possessed by a spirit and has become a source of disaster in a number of places.

What’s interesting is that the faces of the Gian and Bobby dolls are similar at first glance. It makes sense if Bobby was “chosen” to carry out a special mission here. Rocky Soraya builds a conflict that consistently goes up, then gives an unexpected ending.

It was he who built The Doll cinema universe including its spin-off, Sabrina, which was released in 2018 and absorbed 1.3 million viewers. You could say, regarding the doll horror formula, Rocky Soraya has memorized it by heart.