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The Exhausting Struggle of the Cast in The Silent Sea Series

The story of The Silent Sea series did not just happen overnight. It took many years for this initial idea to develop into a series that is now starring Gong Yoo and can be watched globally.
In fact, the original idea for The Silent Sea came from a short film by director Choi Hang-yong when he was studying at the Korea National University School of Film, TV & Multimedia in 2012. He made the short film for his final project.

“The original The Silent Sea was actually my college final project. Before graduating, I thought, ‘for my final project, I’m going to make a film that I really want’, and ended up with a science fiction film,” Choi said in The Silent production notes. Sea

“I set the setting on the Moon because in 2012, a lot of films were set in outer space but none were on the Moon. It was so close to Earth yet so alien, very interesting,” he continued.

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However, the short film, which was originally intended to be a requirement for graduation, received rave reviews when it was screened at the Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival in 2014. Until 2020-2021, the short film idea was actually made into a serial.

In converting short films into series, The Silent Sea project collaborates with credible writer Park Eun-kyo. He is known as the writer of the film Mother (2009) which was directed by Bong Joon-ho.
On the other hand, Park Eun-kyo is actually Choi Hang-yong’s lecturer and he was one of the first people to know the original script of The Silent Sea while it was still a short film. Now, when he is invited to become a drama writer for The Silent Sea, Park Eun-kyo actually faces a challenge that is not easy.

“I even forgot when I first read the script for the short film,” said Park Eun-kyo during a media meeting with The Silent Sea some time ago.

“It took a long time and there were many versions of the script throughout the process of turning it into a series, because there were so many stories I wanted to tell,” he continued.

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“I don’t want to say the process is difficult, but the research and search process is quite difficult. Because in Korea, we don’t have much experience in this genre. That’s the biggest challenge,” said Park Eun-kyo.

“So I had to pioneer it, so to speak, for the first time as part of the Korean content industry. So it was difficult, but fun,” he continued.

It’s not just about developing the story, making The Silent Sea set is also considered by Choi Hang-yong to be not easy. Choi Hang-yong said that Korea’s condition of having no experience in making space-themed series made him refer more to Hollywood films.