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“The Night House” Round-Up Clip Crawl Expert Richard Pryor Self-Sabotages

With release windows getting smaller and smaller these days, its no surprise to see a smart, critically acclaimed horror flick like “The Night House” make its home video debut a little over a month after it’s theatrical release. It’s still playing in theaters! But that’s exactly what’s happening when it drops on Digital October 5 and on Blu-ray October 19, just in time for the spooky season.

The film revolves around a woman named Beth (Rebecca Hall) who has unexpectedly lost her husband to suicide. Trying to figure out why he did what he did, she stumbles upon a house where a woman who looks just like her lives. Our exclusive clip comes from a new behind-the-scenes featurette from the home video release exploring director David Bruckner’s approach to the production, and you can even see Hall practicing a cool wire stunt.”Note: Candyman 2021 Online

‘The Night House’ Review: Rebecca Hall Gets Haunted In A Scary, Cluttered Horror Pic [Sundance 2020]

Jump scares get a bad rap, primarily because filmmakers use them in cheap ways. The worst kind of jump scare – the kind that deserves scorn – are of the fake-out variety. As in: someone opens a closet door and a cat jumps out, or a completely harmless person suddenly pops into frame and the soundtrack blares for a second. These types of jump scares can hit the bricks. But there are good jump scares. These are the ones designed to startle and shake you with genuinely scary moments, not faux distractions. David Bruckner’s The Night House is full of several of these genuine jump scares – and boy oh boy are they effective.

Rebecca Hall is the lead of The Night House, and thank heavens for that. Hall is one of the best actresses working right now, and she’s able to make some of the sillier elements of Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski’s cluttered script seem mostly plausible. Hall plays Beth, a teacher who has recently lost her husband Owen (Evan Jonigkeit), a successful architect. Even though their marriage seemed perfectly happy, and the often depressed Beth always thought of Owen as her rock, her spouse died by suicide, and the experience has left Beth understandably unmoored.”Read: Zăpadă, Ceai și Dragoste Online

Beth spends most nights drunkenly stumbling around the beautiful lake house Owen built for them, unable to reconcile why her husband would shoot himself. Her grief becomes compounded by a sudden belief that she’s not alone in the house. Beth is a skeptic in life after death – she was once in a car crash that left her technically dead for four minutes before being revived, and the experience has left her certain that there’s nothing awaiting us on the other side. But creepy stuff keeps happening: the radio randomly turns on at full volume, playing Beth and Owen’s wedding song; loud knocking sounds are heard; and Beth keeps having disturbing dreams, only to find herself waking up on the floor in random rooms in the house. Springing into action, Beth starts digging into Owen’s life, trying to find answers. But the more she digs, the more she realizes she might not have really known her husband at all.

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