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The Vietnam War Rages on TV Screens

The year is 1967. Gil-Scott Heron is on the hi-fi, the Vietnam war rages on TV screens, and New Jersey is burning. A Black cab driver is beaten by two white cops in Newark, which sparks protests, violence, looting and, eventually, the deaths of 26 people; the four-day uprising will forever be known as the Newark Riots, one more incident on the nation’s still-in-progress timeline of racial strife. And across town, in a club where a lounge-lizard band plays covers of old standards and cracks vaudeville-era jokes, Giovanni “Johnny Boy” Soprano, his brother Corrado (a.k.a. “Junior”), “Gentleman” Dickie Moltisanti, and the rest of their crew celebrate their hold on the region’s criminal enterprises. Never mind the crowds of angry citizens demanding justice and throwing firebombs a few miles away. In this city, at this moment — and as far as you’re concerned — the Mob, not the mob, still rules.”Free Guy 2021 Streaming

Yes, that Mob; yes, those Sopranos. A long-promised prequel to the HBO show that permanently changed a medium (two mediums, if you count the ripple effect the television revolution had on the movies), The Many Saints of Newark finds creator David Chase purposefully rewinding to a pivotal moment that brought the Garden State to a boiling point. Any resemblance to what happened then and what’s happened in recent years is, of course, no longer coincidental at all. But along with co-writer Lawrence Konner and director Alan Taylor, he’s also constructing a back-in-the-day fable, as viewed through the eyes of the kid who’d eventually run the family business. “Lately, I’m getting the feeling that I came in at the end,” Tony Soprano once said. “The best is over.” This is the “best” he’s talking about — the golden age of gangsterism, the Rat Pack version of this thing of theirs. It turns out the previous generation also had to deal with lying, cheating, in-house squabbles, goomah problems, jealousy, murder, gang wars, questionable parenting, poorly baked ziti, suspicious fires, and more murder.”Godzilla vs. Kong 2021 Streaming

Chase has brought us here before, briefly: You may remember “Down Neck,” an episode near the end of The Sopranos‘ first season that found Tony sifting through traumatic memories of seeing his father arrested at the Rideland amusement park. (That flashback is reprised, recreated, and remixed here, with the Newark cast.) It’s a key loss-of-innocence moment for young Anthony, all wide eyes and open ears; when we fast-forward to him as a teen around the film’s halfway point, he’s about to get thoroughly schooled in the cruel ways of the world. Except the movie isn’t really about Tony, or at least not just about him. The guy we’re riding shotgun with the most, sometimes with a literal shotgun in tow, is Dickie Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola). Son of “Hollywood Dick” Moltisanti (Ray Liotta). Father of future killer/lover of Kundun Christopher Moltisanti. The right-hand man to Johnny Boy (Jon Bernthal), the primary father figure to Tony, and the liaison between the Soprano family and the numbers racket that keeps African American money lining Italian American mobsters’ silk pockets.”Sans un bruit 2 2021 Streaming

Except the riots, and the legacy of social inequity, are about to disrupt Dickie’s operation. One of his main runners, a man named Harold McBrayer (Leslie Odom Jr.), is starting to question the arrangement he has with Dickie. He isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, but he’s beginning to bristle under the Mob’s thumb. And when Harold starts seeing bodies and rolling tanks in the streets, he takes the first step toward a radicalization that will eventually lead him to think: Maybe the Sopranos shouldn’t be the only game in town. There’s also the matter of Giuseppina (Michela De Rossi), Dickie’s new Italian stepmother and a sort of imported trophy wife for the older, repugnant Moltisanti. A stranger in to the ways of America, she’s impossibly young, drop-dead gorgeous, and incredibly ambitious. The sexual tension between Dickie and Giuseppina is off the charts. She seems to have caught Harold’s eye as well.”Space Jam : Nouvelle ère 2021 Streaming

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