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There Are Many Elements That Make The Show

There aren’t many shows on TV right now like The Amazing Race. The show is a globetrotting adventure in which teams of two all compete against one another in various challenges for a prize of $1 million as they fly around the globe. It’s certainly unique in just how much of an adventure the show takes you on.

There are many elements that make the show great; the competitions, the adventure, and the drama between teams. However, there were plenty of shows on the air now capture different aspects of these elements that fans of the series might enjoy.

10Big Brother

In terms of competition, Big Brother is a great analogue to The Amazing Race. The show pits 16 or so contestants against one another in a battle that rages all summer.

They will compete for power and prizes, with the hope of eventually winning the show’s $500,000 prize. With live feeds available to watch the houseguests 24/7, the drama and action really never ends when it comes to Big Brother.

9The Real Housewives

A franchise that spans multiple hit TV shows, The Real Housewives is all about the drama. In these shows, groups of women are all… basically forced to interact with each other constantly. Some of these women really don’t like each other, which is where the problems begin.

With ever-changing friendships and storylines, there’s never a dull moment in The Real Housewives. With so many shows to get into, fans have quite the back catalog to jump into.

8Ultimate Tag

Ultimate Tag is an absolutely wild show that should not exist, but thankfully, so thankfully, it does. The show is exactly what you think it is, a group of contestants is thrown into a tag arena of sorts, where they have to run away from “professional taggers” for as long as possible.

The show gets more and more wild as additional rounds throw more kinks into the formula. It’s absolutely insane fun that is a must-binge for fans of The Amazing Race.

7Ex On The Beach

Yes, Ex on the Beach is exactly what you think it is. It’s the epitome of fun trash television. A bunch of attractive single people live on some beach in some part of the world before their exes appear.

Just as all of the singles start to get into new relationships, their exes show up to complicate things and cause as much drama as possible. It really is a recipe for success that is made to entertain. And entertain it very much so does.


The closest that you can get in terms of similar shows to The Amazing Race is Survivor. In Survivor, a group of castaways are sent to a remote island to duel it out for a prize of $1 million. During this duel, they’ll compete for power, hunt for advantages around the island, and contend with the elements, which are nothing less than grueling.

The power changes week to week in Survivor, leaving fans in suspense every single episode. Viewers can never predict what will happen next in Survivor.

5Love Island

Similar to The Amazing Race while also very, very different at the same time is Love Island. The show can be generally freeform depending on the week, but the basic format of the show generally stays the same.

A group of people go to a remote island together and couple up. Those who can’t stay coupled (whether it be based on romantic feelings or otherwise) or are disliked by America risk being sent home. Couples switch around frequently, keeping things tense at all times. The final couple left standing on the island win a prize of $100,000. Not too shabby at all.

4The Circle

The Circle is a show that is truly unlike anything else on TV right now. The format of the show is as follows – a group of individuals are all separated in their own living spaces and connect through text chatting on a platform called “The Circle.” Due to the nature of how they connect, players can present themselves any way they want, honestly or through lies.

As players rate one another, the highest vote-getters will rise to power and choose who to eliminate from the game. It is a social experiment like no other.

3The Bachelor

Everyone knows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. On the show, one man, or woman, depending on which series is airing at the time, is courted by a group of the opposite sex that are eliminated on a week to week basis until the last person standing ends up as the winner.

Hopefully, it ends in happily ever after. It’s pretty easy to picture the absolute drama that fills the show week to week. Nothing is ever easy.

2Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen is a show that pits aspiring chefs against each other in a competition to win the right to lead one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants around the world. Throughout the series, the chefs will be viciously attacked by both Chef Ramsay, mostly him, and each other every single night. The fact that no one in that kitchen can make a filet mignon right… a disgrace.

1The Challenge

Another show that is very similar to The Amazing Race is The Challenge. The show, which has mostly the same cast along with some newcomers every season, is a battle to the extreme.

It’s a standard competition show in which the group (usually competing as individuals or pairs) compete for power on a week to week basis, with one person eliminated every week. With so many years of history throughout the members of the cast, the strategy on this show is completely unmatched, making it a great watch.