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Through its years of success and an ever-growing universe of movies and television

With the interconnected nature of the MCU, there are endless story arcs stretching across multiple movies. Inevitably, there will be some storylines that are dropped while others reach a conclusion that disappoints fans. However, some of these storylines have made for very satisfying journeys.

Whether it is the reveal of some teased aspect of the universe, a character’s development over time, or a moment that becomes more impactful than it seemed, these arcs are among the best in the MCU. From beginning to end, they delivered what fans were looking for. Note: Don’t breathe 2 2021 Streaming

Peter Quill’s Secret Father
The first Guardians of the Galaxy movie opened with the emotional death scene of Peter Quill’s mother, but it also introduced the idea of his mysterious father. By the end of the movie, it was revealed that Quill’s father was some unknown cosmic being of tremendous power.

Instead of making this a big drawn-out mystery, it was revealed in the first scene of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 that Ego was his father. The storyline then evolved into a story of Ego using Peter to conquer the universe, making for a big cosmic adventure with a personal story at its center. Read More: Free Guy 2021 Streaming

The Truth About ‘The Mandarin’
Though fans were very excited about seeing the classic Marvel villain The Mandarin in Iron Man 3, the reveal that it was really a drunken actor named Trevor Slattery disappointed many. However, it turns out that was not the end of this story.

After the existence of the real Mandarin was teased, Shang-Chi introduced the character as Wenwu, the leader of the Ten Rings and father of Shang-Chi. This new take on the character ended up being a better villain than his comic book counterpart and one of the MCU’s best bad guys.

Peter And Tony’s Mentor Relationship
From the moment Tony Stark came to recruit Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War, the chemistry between these two characters was undeniable. Peter looked up to Tony as a hero while Tony saw a lot of potential in Peter.

The relationship grew over the course of a couple of movies, but it was Avengers: Infinity War that made it a fan-favorite duo. Seeing Peter’s emotional death and Tony’s reaction to it cemented their deeper bond which then paid off with Tony’s death and Peter carrying on his legacy. Read More: The suicide squad 2021 Streaming

The Truth Of The Time-Keepers Revealed
Despite many fan theories in WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier failing to materialize, fans had plenty of ideas about the mysteries of Loki. The biggest question to be answered was about who was really behind the TVA.

But instead of another anti-climactic answer, the answers were even more impactful than fans had anticipated. Not only did He Who Remains tease the appearance of Kang the Conqueror, but the multiverse was split open, changing the MCU forever. Read More: Sans un bruit 2 2021 Streaming

Wanda And VisionDespite it happening in the comics, few fans thought that the MCU would pursue the romantic relationship between Wanda Maximoff and Vision. But then their flirting in Captain America: Civil War was charming and their sacrifice in Avengers: Infinity War was heartbreaking.

However, that failed to prepare fans for the emotional final chapter of their romance with WandaVision. This ambitious and wonderfully strange show put two supporting Marvel characters front and center while giving their relationship a fitting end.