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Tokyo Revengers Being a ‘Hits’, What’s so good about the series?

If you’ve been following recent anime trends, you’ll know about “Tokyo Revengers”. The animation adaptation of the comic series (manga) by Ken Wakui had become a ‘hit’ throughout 2021. Not only in Japan but also in Universe.

The anime is officially licensed to the Southeast Asia region by Muse Communication Co.Ltd and distributed through various Over The Top (OTT) platforms. Comes complete with subtitles and even goes live for free on some platforms.

The performance of “Tokyo Revengers” in USA must be recognized as very good in terms of the number of viewers. For example, we can see clearly on Muse Asia’s YouTube channel. Of the total 24 episodes uploaded, almost all of them have been watched more than 10 million times with the highest number of views of 19 million.

Of the many anime that have been distributed by Muse Asia through their YouTube channel, it seems that only “Tokyo Revengers” has been able to reach the point it is now. A very extraordinary achievement.

On the IMDb site, this anime has an average rating of 8.4 stars voted for by more than 8,500 users and on the MyAnimeList site, this anime has an average rating of 8.26 stars voted for by more than 327,000 users at the time this article was written.

The success of the anime version of “Tokyo Revengers” also had a positive impact on the source of the original story, namely the manga. Sales of the manga “Tokyo Revengers” are reported to have skyrocketed by around 670 percent since its debut in 2017.

He even said that he overtook the sales record for Attack on Titan and One Piece in mid-2021. This news, of course, immediately became a hot conversation among the Anime and Manga Lovers community.

Quoting from the Oricon News website, according to an estimate by Kodansha announced on September 24, 2021, the circulation of the manga “Tokyo Revengers” in Japan has exceeded 40 million copies.

The story with the theme of juvenile delinquent gangs filled with brawls and exciting battles wrapped in a time-jumping story drama, the main character who wants to change the past in the style of “Tokyo Revengers” apparently has a lot of fans.

The popularity of “Tokyo Revengers” has also been felt by many online news media sites which finally makes them tempted to diligently write articles entitled “WATCH ANIME TOKYO REVENGERS….” every week during 2021.

For people who don’t follow or really don’t like Japanese animation and comics, of course they are wondering, where exactly is “Tokyo Revengers” so interesting that it can attract the attention of many people, especially teenagers.

First, let’s start with the story. “Tokyo Revengers” basically tells a story about Takemichi Hanagaki who happens to be able to jump through time to the past and wants to change it so that the future he wants can come true.

If the sentence stopped there, it would obviously feel normal because so many anime have done that. But “Tokyo Revengers” has one more thing that is interesting, namely, the story of juvenile delinquent gangs. This is what makes this series feel different from the others.

Even for people who have watched a lot of anime, the story of “Tokyo Revengers” still feels very refreshing. Unlike the “time jump” stories, anime or manga themed on juvenile delinquent gangs like “Tokyo Revengers” are still rare.

Therefore, the combination of “time jump” and “delinquent gang” stories in this series is very interesting to follow. Apart from the plot, which is a bit unstable, sometimes it’s very exciting, sometimes it can also be very boring.

As a “shounen” series, this series has a “very shounen” aura, aka very young boys. Epic translating the behavior of teenage boys who are still unstable, obsessed with freedom, holding close friendships, rebellious, as well as expressive and slang.

Coupled with the slang and cool character designs… Starting from the hair designs, tattoos, to the gang uniforms. Look at Mikey, look at the Draken, how dashing they are depicted in the world of “Tokyo Revengers”.

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Reflection for the reader or adult audience is also clearly reflected in the figure of Takemichi, the main character. Sometimes we feel sorry for the fate in the present and want to fix it if we can go back to the past.

The point is this series has an exciting story and is close to teenage obsession, full of epic combat action, cool and strong character designs, drama of close friendship bonds. Of course “Tokyo Revengers” is very worthy of interest and popular despite its various shortcomings.