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Triumph Celebrates James Bond ‘No Time to Die’

The motorbike company Triumph is as much of a British icon as the James Bond film franchise is, and to mark the release of the upcoming film No Time to Die, the two have come together on this limited-edition Tiger 900 Rally Pro.

Limited to just 250 units, each will come with a serial number on its handlebar section alongside James Bond and Triumph dual branding all over, as well as a certificate of authenticity. All 250 will be offered in matte “Sapphire Black” and come kitted out in 007 graphics, and will also feature a premium billet machined handlebar clamp which is where the aforementioned number will be found.

Furthermore, the frame, headlight finishers, side panels, sump guard, pillion footrest hangers, auxiliary lamp shrouds and engine guards all appear in a special blacked-out finish, further distinguishing this as the No Time to Die iteration. The reason for this collaboration comes from a rather obvious place, as Triumph supplied the James Bond stunt team with its Tiger 900 and Scrambler 1200 to use in various scenes throughout the upcoming movie. However, unlike the stunt versions, this Tiger 900 Rally Pro has creature comforts such as a 007-themed animated screen and branded leather heated rider and pillion seats.

Lee Morrison, the No Time To Die stunt coordinator, said, “The Tiger 900 is the most confidence-inspiring bike, it allows you to really push the ride as far as you want, you can take as many liberties as you want; stand up sideways drifting in third gear, slow wheelie it, slide it Supermoto-style. I honestly think it’s one of the best bikes I’ve ever ridden, it’s fantastic.”

Priced at £16,500 GBP (approximately $22,500 USD), the James Bond No Time to Die x Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro can be seen above, and more information can be found online.

Can No Time to Die Break the Final James Bond Movie Curse?

Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond is coming to an end. This truth has been known ever since it was announced that Craig would reprise the role in No Time to Die, his fifth outing as 007. And yet, given the litany of delays that movie has endured largely due to the pandemic—remember when No Time to Die was slated for November 2019?—the reality of his leaving feels like it’s been almost taken for granted.

The curtain really is coming down this month for UK fans, and the No Time to Die marketing team is now making folks aware of that again with the recent viral clip of Craig’s teary eyed farewell speech from the day production wrapped on the Bond movie. After wearing Bond’s tuxedo for 15 years, Craig closes the book on a run that’s lasted longer than any other Bond actor’s, and with almost as many films as any thespian who’s ever called themselves James Bond. (Sean Connery still has six canonical James Bond movies under his belt, and Roger Moore holds the record with seven.)

So now that the movie is truly here, it’s worth wondering one of the quiet bits out loud: Will Craig do something almost no other Bond actor has done to date and finish his run on a high note? Because when you sit down and think about it, nearly every actor who’s ordered a shaken martini before him has signed off with the worst Bond movie of their tenure.

There are exceptions, of course: George Lazenby only played 007 once, and in a good movie too. But if one wanted to be glib, they could say On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) was then both his best and worst Bond entry. Beyond Lazenby’s solitary adventure, however, each Bond actor has ended on a sour note, which puts all the more pressure on No Time to Die to buck this trend.