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Upcoming Chris Pine Movie

Though he hasn’t quite crept his way into A-list status, Chris Pine has certainly proven his talents many times over. The charismatic, compelling actor has showcased his star power in the Star Trek franchise, Wonder Woman, Hell or High Water, Unstoppable, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Outlaw King, and several other titles. And he’s got a number of intriguing movies on the docket, including (but not limited to) Dungeons & Dragons, a Walter Cronkite biopic, and a potential Star Trek 4, which should hopefully continue to rise his star power. If you love Chris Pine, here are the movies that you should look out for in the near future.

Violence Of Action – December 10, 2021 (Post-Production)
The new movie from Swedish filmmaker Tarik Saleh, Violence of Action follows James Harper (Chris Pine), a disgruntled man, who after being discharged from the Green Berets, takes part in a paramilitary organization in order to support his family — notably in the only way he knows how. But as Deadline reports, when Harper travels to Berlin with his elite team of black ops, their mission to investigate a mysterious threat takes a dark turn when Harper finds himself alone and hunted across Europe. Now, this outcast must do whatever it takes to stay alive in order to make it back home and figure out what the hell just happened, and who betrayed him.

Admittedly, the plot synopsis for Violence of Action does sound a bit familiar, as far as action-thrillers go. Nevertheless, Chris Pine’s magnetic screen presence can go a long way towards selling a Wonder Woman 1984 teljes film magyarul, and that shouldn’t be an exception here. Whether the movie matches his past triumphs remains to be seen. Violence of Action will drop on December 10, 2021.

Don’t Worry Darling – TBA 2022 (Post-Production)
Following the exceptional critical success of Booksmart, her feature directorial debut, Olivia Wilde was among the most in-demand new filmmakers in Hollywood. For her much-anticipated sophomore feature, the actress-turned-director opted to make the psychological thriller Don’t Worry Darling, a ’50s period piece with a murder’s row of heavy-hitters, including Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne, Chris Pine, and Wilde herself. Centered around an unhappy housewife (Pugh) who discovers a disturbing truth, while her husband hides a dark secret, Don’t Worry Darling should prove to be a twisted, unsettling delight, and we’ll have to wait to see what unfurls when the movie nears closer to its release date.

At the moment, Don’t Worry Darling doesn’t have an official premiere date, though it’s rumored to arrive in 2022. There’s a chance that the movie will squeeze its way into the 2021 line-up, but that’s looking unlikely as we enter the jam-packed fall movie season. Nevertheless, while we’re still learning more details about the upcoming movie, we should expect more information to arrive soon enough.

Dungeons & Dragons – March 3, 2023 (Post-Production)
Soon, there will be dragons. On March 3rd, 2023, a whopping 23 years after 2000’s disastrous attempt at turning the popular role-playing game into a major blockbuster, writers-directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (Game Night) will give the property another spin of the dice with a Dungeons and Dragons movie. Will it fare better? Only time will tell there, but this reboot has a lot going for it. Namely, Chris Pine and Michelle Rodriguez will take on the lead roles, while Justice Smith, Rege-Jean Page, Hugh Grant, and Sophia Lillis will round out the supporting cast.

Details remain limited regarding this upcoming blockbuster, but it’s reportedly going to be a mix of fantasy and fun, with comedic elements highlighting the action and lore. Will the combination work? We’ll see. But Pine is certainly adept in the action and comedy departments, and he’s able to sell far-out concepts with ease. Thus, he seems like an ideal fit for this property, but of course, it’s ultimately up to the titular firebreathers to bring this potential film franchise to life.