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Venom 2 Movie Review

The plan to make a separate film for one of Spider-Man’s mortal enemies, Venom, has actually surfaced for a long time. In the 1990s, New Line Cinema had an idea that never got a follow-up, and into the 2000s, the idea turned to Sony Pictures who were tempted to create a new money-making machine based on the Venom name which was introduced to the public through Spider. -Man 3 (2007). But a series of problems behind the Spider-Man trademark (including creative differences following the failure of The Amazing Spider-Man 2) forced the studio to review their ambitious plans. Moreover, is the public ready to accept a film that explores the actions of a supervillain? Continuing to experience tug-of-war for several years, this project finally gained clarity of status in 2016 after Sony took the initiative to create their own Marvel Universe without interfering with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) even though Spidey had nested there – although it was possible to unify it considering Sony persistently defending Venom with a PG-13 rating in order to be united with the MCU. In order to realize Venom, which at this time has no relationship with Spidey, Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland, Gangster Squad) is also entrusted with commanding the project, while Tom Hardy is assigned the position of the main actor, a journalist who is hosted by the symbiote named Eddie Brock.

In Venom, Eddie Brock is described as a journalist who is dedicated to his work. He is not the type of sensation seeking through fake news, but the type of journalist who chases sensation from shocking facts that not many people know about. In order to obtain materials for his reportage, Eddie did not mind collecting evidence in a devious way even though the path he took could be detrimental to those around him. His fiancé, Anne Weying (Michelle Williams), is someone who is hurt the most when Eddie attempts to uncover a huge conspiracy hidden by wealthy scientist Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed). That said, Eddie discovered that there were a number of deaths that were covered up in Carlton’s Life Foundation company. The power possessed by Carlton allows Eddie and Anne to lose their respective livelihoods which then triggers a separation between them. Trapped in lamentation of regret for months, Eddie suddenly gets a chance to make amends after one of Carlton’s subordinates reveals important information. Driven by curiosity, the desire to uphold the truth, as well as revenge, Eddie is desperate to sneak into the Life Foundation headquarters without knowing what awaits him there. His encounter with a symbiotic (remember, he refuses to be called a parasite!), an alien organism from outer space, named Venom instantly changes Eddie’s life forever.

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If you are used to superhero films released in the last few years that have begun to dare to insert subtext related to socio-politics into the plot, and present different colors of storytelling rather than just light action-comedies, it seems easy to label it ‘B’ ‘ in Venom’s narrative. It’s true, this story scroll from Venom which is said to be quoting a comic titled Venom: Lethal Protector (an edition in which Spidey is not much involved and the titular character is positioned as an antihero rather than a villain) is arguably nothing special. Not to mention viewers who already have high flying hours, ordinary viewers who only watch movies occasionally will have no difficulty in guessing the path that will be passed by the filmmaker when telling the story. There are aliens descending to earth, a dark-hearted scientist tries to take advantage of them, the previously unconcerned protagonist is suddenly drawn into conflict, the protagonist is forced to unite with the aliens, and the two of them band together to overthrow the scientist. Sounds very familiar, right? Yes, we have encountered origin story-based plots that match this rhythm repeatedly, and Fleischer and the three screenwriters are reluctant to make significant modifications. They choose to sing the story in a conventional style that tends to go straight without any meaningful twists so that viewers who crave a rich plot will repeatedly roll their eyes – plus stick out their tongues – throughout the duration. Not only easy to guess, the narration is also less binding and applies the logic of my liking to give pleasure to the audience seeking solace.

Did it work? For me, Fleischer did not disappoint at all in terms of providing entertainment for the audience. He’s a lousy storyteller (though he’s still much better than Fantastic Four (2015) which is often used as a comparison film by Halálosabb iramban 9 teljes film magyarul), but he’s definitely not a bad entertainer. After the introduction which seemed a bit too long because the material wasn’t strong enough to grab attention, Fleischer was finally able to find the right storytelling rhythm since Eddie’s ‘union’ with Venom. The pursuit of Eddie that took place in the woods, followed by the beating of Eddie by Carlton’s cronies in Eddie’s apartment was a turning point that brought Venom to total pleasure. Its humor, fun, and entertainment content never wanes until its well, rushed and rushed climax. I’m pretty sure some of you are wondering, is Venom really that entertaining? If you haven’t watched it and are skeptical, I don’t blame you because there’s a lot of discord that says the humor in Venom isn’t funny, and the fights aren’t impressive either. Maybe I don’t mind hearing some quirky jokes – or I’m on a high, or basically just plain funny – but the interactions between Eddie and the titular character can make me laugh out loud… as do hundreds of other viewers.

They are very expressive when watching Venom, like laughing at Eddie’s little fuss with Venom residing in his body and his voice is very clear in his head, then excited to see the sequences of the fight which is quite fun. Considering that Venom is one type of show that is highly recommended to be watched on the biggest cinema screens with massive audiences, I was lucky to be able to get the right crowd (this is why the cinema experience is hard to replace!) that helped me enjoy every minute of it. Soooo! Yes, I enjoyed the entertainment content so much, I am also willing to forgive the poor quality of the script. I don’t want to bother, after all, the filmmaker is able to compensate for it with other sectors including the acting of the players. The performances of Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed are indeed quite good, but it is Tom Hardy’s brilliant performance as Eddie Brock who is arrogant, fragile, and ‘crazy’ which presents one reason why Venom is still worthy to be redeemed with one cinema ticket. His presence gives energy to the film (no wonder when he is absent from the screen, the film feels sluggish) especially when he struggles to control his body which has been controlled by Venom. There are buddy movie elements that stick out from the interaction between the two of them, there are also body horror elements that are felt from the symbiotic’s vicious behavior towards humans.

Instead of worrying about the script, I regretted the studio’s decision to limit Venom’s rating in the PG-13 segment. If only Sony had given some leeway, you can imagine how wild (and even more fun) this film would be because this friend of Eddie from another planet is not only freed to splurge with his quirky sense of humor but also to strip human heads explicitly without worrying about displaying fountains of blood. .