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The genre of vintage horror-comedy is almost a forgotten art, especially since the quiet death of the blockbuster teen horror series a decade ago. Today, the most successful movies from this genre are those that take themselves very seriously and approach the emotion of fear with meticulous attention. James Wan is one of the key individuals in the grand reimagining of horror movies in this form, with series like Insidious and Conjuring. but his latest movie, Malignant, is anything but serious.”Mourir peut attendre 2021 Streaming

Yet, it also most definitely is not a comedy, which is in my view its biggest shortfall. In the movie, a woman is confronted by a shadowy figure that suddenly enters her life and begins a killing spree that is apparently connected to her tortured past. This unravels a very weird and very 80s-like storyline and mystery that would be a perfect horror comedy, especially with its gory and body-horror elements. However, strangely, Wan keeps the narrative and the atmosphere on the serious side of the equation, building a thing that is entertaining, but also at moments unbelievably silly and over-the-top. But, even with that, I have to say that he continues to experiment and try new things, which is something that the genre always needs a lot more across the board.”After – Chapitre 3 2021 Streaming

There are many ways to create a meaningful work of art that connects with its audience. While their methods might vary, all of these approaches have one thing in common – they speak some manner of truth about the human experience. In the case of the short film Casey’s Haul, that truth involves the recent disaster that struck the entire world and that is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Here, the same short movie manages to tell a story that will reverberate with anyone who is or continues to struggle in the same dire circumstances.

The plot of the film is very familiar to millions across the world. It focuses on Ala’Rico (played by Emmanuel Moulton known as Big Dawg079), a family man who is stricken by a potential disaster. His daughter Casey becomes ill with COVID-19 and gets through it, but remains burdened by a range of health issues because of it. She can go through treatment, but the price of this is not something her family can afford. Ala’Rico, left with no job because of the pandemic, decided to do the unthinkable and rob a bank.”BAC Nord 2021 Streaming

This sets a dramatic chain of events in motion. The film focuses on Ala’Rico and his moral dilemmas, as he is torn between the desire to help his loved ones and do the right thing. Through his contact with Detective Karuba, Ala’Rico works through this dilemma, knowing that a tragic solution is waiting for him at the end of that journey nonetheless.

Casey’s Haul is without any doubt a work of passion and dedication. It shows the ability of one global calamity – which is the pandemic – to influence the lives of ordinary people beyond simply catching the virus. Instead, it resonates through different aspects of life and can easily make fictional stories like this one all too real. The movie cast does a great job of presenting this complex emotional network that connects all of them, which Moulton shines through as the dominant figure. His anguish and constant tension of what he has done and what he feels is the right thing to do feels more than authentic.”Dune 2021 Streaming

While technically a small indie film, Casey’s Haul is an important piece of art about our collective experience of this terrible pandemic. It will remain an essential artistic document of our time and get only more important once the pandemic is finally over. Watch the whole short film right here and find out how you can support its creators on Big Dawg079 YouTube channel as well!”Shang-Chi et la Légende des Dix Anneaux 2021 Streaming