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What is this Grandpa ?! meeting with Chantal Ladesou

Grandma Aurore still has a hectic life . During a crazy party that she organized and of which she has the secret, she has a big fall and finds herself in the emergency room . The diagnosis is: head trauma with transient partial post-traumatic amnesia . In short, Grandma Aurore no longer remembers anything and no longer recognizes anyone. For her convalescence , the family installs her in a nursing home , while waiting for her to recover her memory.

Her grandchildren then have the idea of finding a certain Gégé (this name that Granny Aurore keeps repeating…) who after “investigation” could well be her first love . For them, it is sure, it is the right way for their grandmother to find all her means.

After having made it ” escape “, here they all left in a van , direction Lozère where they located Gégé

In total 7 brothers, sisters, half-brothers or half-sisters , 8 parents and in the center: Mamie Aurore, the very eccentric grandmother who brings everyone together … such is the family that for 3 films the director Gabriel Julien Laferrière has been putting on stage for our greatest pleasure .

The ” 7 dwarfs ” – as their grandmother affectionately calls them – have grown up well since “What is this family ?!” in 2016. Their personality has asserted itself, and each follows its path: one wants to return in orders, another is a pure and hard feminist, one is an LGBT activist, yet another is a real geek… More than ever, they all meet for their grandmother who today has a meeting with his past.

A meeting that promises to be seriously eventful …

L’Agenda Ciné : This character of Aurora, it seems that you did not have to go very far to interpret it!

Chantal Ladesou : I won’t hide it from you! And indeed, I didn’t have much trouble getting into the shoes of this character.

Initially, as assistant director (notably of Leos Carax and Anne Fontaine), Gabriel Julien Laferrière was more used to serious, intimate films. So he didn’t know me. He came to see me at the theater on the advice of the producer.

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For the writing, what I was doing on stage helped him a lot.

Are there some things you don’t like about Mamie Aurore?

Between us… and it stays between us (laughs), I don’t like his light-hearted side. In life, I am not like that at all! I am faithful like an old cocker spaniel. But of course it goes with the character in the movie.

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In this film, it is about the past of Grandma Aurore with a more sentimental part. As the cinema demands something more from you than what you used to do on stage, could it be more intimidating to act?

I was afraid of not knowing how to do it, and in fact, I can do it very well! The direction of the director, in that, helped me a lot.

It is true that the camera comes to dig a little deep inside you. She comes to see other things, closer. And inevitably, you have to reveal yourself a little. In the theater, I always have very crazy, very moving roles. In my one man shows, I tell anecdotes of life that have happened to me, which are funny because I sketch them that way. Cinema is another part of my starting career.

Is laughter a way to hide?

It’s a screen, of course. It is also a courtesy. And then, when a room laughs, we are reassured, we are happy.

How do you see the family, whose model has changed enormously over the past fifty years, and what does the 3 films of Gabriel Julien-Laferrière evoke in its own way, you who know a long marriage?

I have been married for 47 years and it is always a pleasure to find my husband, to go on a trip with him, to laugh together. It’s also good to grow old together. Afterwards it is the air of the times, the era of the ephemeral. I too wanted to leave, we were arguing so much. Sometimes it could have been verbally abusive, and my suitcase was ready in the hallway. But I didn’t want to destroy everything. And you can quickly destroy things … or build them.

Today, people zap a lot: it’s okay, we’re breaking up. I was not in that energy. I wanted to go far with my husband.

What grandmother are you in real life?

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A normal grandmother, quite classic: a cake granny, a sweet granny! I am a playful grandmother, more on the mat than on the sofa and more on the slide than on the bench. I have a lot of fun with them.

Unlike Aurore, I don’t think I would take them to a club! If Aurore is extravagant, she still sees everything that is happening, despite everything she is close to her grandchildren. She’s not completely crazy, that’s what’s interesting.

So, for Chantal Ladesou, for Patrick Chesnais (super grumpy grandpa) and this generation of young actors who are all formidable, without forgetting the presence of Julie Depardieu, Philippe Katerine, Lucien Jean-Baptiste or even Claudia Tagbo, we can only advise you to run to see what is this grandpa ?!

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