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What Video games Could Feature in ‘Squid Game’ Period 2

With Squid Video game returning momentarily period, the question many will currently have is what video games will feature next? Listed below we’ve put together a listing of various other traditional children’s video games from Southern Korea, and how they could feature in the approaching second period.

There were loads to love about Squid Video game, but probably one of the most popular aspect of the show was the collection of childish video games that participants needed to play in purchase to survive, and have a possibility of winning countless US bucks.

But what made the collection most fascinating could also be its failure in period 2. If the video games from the first period are duplicated, after that the target market knows exactly what to anticipate, which will remove any stress and intrigue. This is why period 2 will need some new video games to maintain the tale feeling fresh and interesting.

Top Rotating

Top rotating or Rotating tops is a classic and traditional video game played by Southern Oriental children. In the very early 2000s top rotating became massively popular many thanks to the Oriental and Japanese partnership on the Beyblade franchise business. Top rotating can be used any strong level surface, but in the wintertime, the video game is extremely popular when used icy ice.

The top rotating video game could be among the first video games we see in the next squid video game or among the later on video games to whittle down some of the last participants.

How it could in shape in Squid Video game As among the first video games, we visualize the participants being sent out to among the biggest rooms of the complex where a huge icy pool or small manufactured icy lake is ready for them.

Teams of participants are positioned tactically throughout the ice and are each provided their own rotating top. Each contestant must rotate their top at approximately the same time, and whoever’s top quits rotating first has a catch door from underneath their feet opened up, diving them right into the ice-cold midsts listed below:

Bob’s Burgers streaming

Top Gun: Maverick streaming

Alcarràs streaming

Jurassic World: Il Dominio streaming

If the key of the video game is to whittle down a huge variety of participants it would certainly be an amazing view, in addition to extremely tense, to watch ratings of individuals about the main personalities vanish about them.

Top rotating could be a substitute for Red Light Green Light or the Dalgona Cookie video game.

Garakji chatginori

Another video game often played in the winter is Garakji chatginori. The aim of the video game is to find the Garakji, which are sets of big rings that are worn by married ladies and constructed out of rare-earth elements such as Gold and Silver, or jewels such as Jade.

The video game is played among a party of individuals, that will being in a circle, while a single person is chosen among the team to be the finder. The finder rests within the circle and covers their eyes, on the other hand, the rings are passed about the circle while a tune is sung. The team must conceal the rings from the finder and must beware not to allow the rings make a sound, or make it obvious that you are concealing them. Once the tune finishes, or the finder shouts to quit, they must after that indicate the individual that they think is concealing the rings. While the finder attempts to determine that is concealing the rings, participants of the team are enabled to try and trick the finder. If the finder is incorrect after that they remain in the center, if they choose properly after that the individual concealing the rings becomes the new finder.

How it could in shape in Squid Video game The same rules could use for Squid Video game other than if the finder guesses incorrect after that they are fired instantly. If they guess properly after that the next individual becomes the finder and the previous finder is safe for at the very least another rounded. This process can be after that washed and duplicated until there are just 2 or 3 participants in each team left.

Garakji chatginori could be a substitute for Pull of Battle.


The video game Touhu stems from the Warring Specifies duration of China, first being popular among the exclusive of culture, before eventually ending up being popular among all courses. The video game also made its way right into Korea (Tuho) and Japan (Tōko)

The aim of Tuho is to toss slim sticks or arrowheads with rubber tips from a range right into a pot. Often, the pot used will just have a small mouth, production it a video game of ability.

Thousands of individuals from worldwide have currently been having fun Tuho, also if they didn’t recognize that is what they were having fun. A variation of Tuho became a pattern on the system TikTok where pairs, friends, and families would certainly toss small stick-like objects (mainly pens) right into a mug or dish. Before tossing their sticks right into the dish or mug, the individual tossing declares something they desire, which can often be amusing or extravagant such as “If I obtain this in, after that we should pursue an infant” or “If I obtain this in after that you buy me a PS5.” You understand, it is a video game that many individuals will recognize with currently many thanks to social media.

How it could in shape in Squid Video game Paired participants will be provided a restricted variety of arrowheads, each with their own colored rubber tips such as red and blue. Whoever has the ability to toss one of the most arrowheads right into the pot makes it through, and the loser is eliminated.

Tuho could be the substitute for Marbles.


If Squid Video game is provided the budget and desires its big-budget set-piece after that the video game of Bossum is an amazing competitor.

Gamers are split right into 2 groups, and must each develop a dam upstream-downstream from the river. When the moment is right, the upstream group will launch as a lot sprinkle as they can from their dam, while the downstream dam group must attempt to strengthen their own so it does not break down. If the downstream dam collapses after that the upstream group victories, if the upstream cannot ruin the opposing dam after that the downstream group victories.

Regardless of that victories, groups switch places and go again.

How it could in shape in Squid Video game To set the scene perfectly in Squid Video game the opening up “video game” of the collection could be Bossaum, however, the participants could be deceived right into thinking they exist to actually develop dams for a building project. When the moment prepares to launch the sprinkle, the participants can after that be informed of why they are actually there, and whichever group makes it through currently obtains the opportunity to participate in winning countless US bucks of Billions of Oriental won.

With lives and money on the line, once again we will be seen the darker side of humankind. But in a terrible twist of destiny for the upstream group, the downstream dam makes it through, just for the guards, currently exposed with their renowned pink suits, and shaped masks, to eliminate them all.

While many may have currently seen the range and destruction burst dam can bring, rather, the video clip listed below is the kind of traditional way dam damageding can be played by children.