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Which Allows Fans To Experience All Nine Films In The Saga In A Massive

There are so many LEGO games out there, and those based on Star Wars seem to do especially well. TT Games have come back to the franchise once again to give fans the ultimate culmination of years of LEGO Star Wars games. The result is LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which allows fans to experience all nine films in the saga in a massive sandbox of the Star Wars universe.

The LEGO games have always shown appreciation for the fans by treating them with a plethora of Easter eggs and references to make them smile, laugh, or both. The Skywalker Saga is no different, with famous to obscure references across all eras that many are going to enjoy.


Indiana Jones And The Cocky Stormtrooper

Star Wars and Indiana Jones have always been symbiotic, with not only having the same star actor, but also featuring George Lucas’ involvement. In Raiders Of The Lost Ark, a reference to C-3P0 and R2-D2 can be found. Indiana Jones made an appearance in previous LEGO Star Wars titles.

With The Skywalker Saga, there is a reference to a scene from Raiders Of The Lost Ark within The Force Awakens campaign. When Finn and Han encounter the Stormtrooper wielding the control baton, the Stormtrooper performs a series of flourishes before an annoyed Han Solo aims his blaster; a reference to when Indiana Jones shot the swordsman who was also a show-off.



One of the most iconic Revenge Of The Sith scenes is when Darth Vader learns of Padme’s death and he yells out the word, “Noooooo!” It was as loved as it was parodied and as a result, it’s also riffed on in The Skywalker Saga.

In the rise of Darth Vader scene, he screams “No” multiple times to increasingly ridiculous things. This joke returns again in the siege on Echo Base in The Empire Strikes Back campaign. When the player runs into Darth Vader, they slam a door on him and he yells, “Nooooo!” It’s enough to make any Star Wars fan laugh.


Obi-Wan Is Spider-Man?

The scene from Revenge Of The Sith in which Order 66 is executed and Commander Cody betrays Obi-Wan is done much more comedically. Instead of falling into the water pits, Obi-Wan hides underneath the terrace and Cody looks for him.

The scene is framed to be almost identical to when Willem Dafoe’s Norman Osborn AKA Green Goblin is looking out from a balcony with Spider-Man hiding underneath. Why this particular moment was chosen is a bit of a mystery but it makes for a funny visual gag.


Nobody Likes Sand

Anakin Skywalker explaining his disdain for sand in Attack Of The Clones became so famous that it is referenced multiple times throughout the game. In The Phantom Menace campaign, young Anakin says as he arrives on Coruscant, “There’s no sand anywhere!”

When Rey hears voices of the past coming from the Skywalker lightsaber in The Force Awakens, the echo of Anakin saying he doesn’t like sand is heard. A First Order officer says the exact same line about sand being rough, coarse, and it gets everywhere. And finally, Anakin’s ghost complains about sand one more time when Rey hears from all of the Jedi in The Rise Of Skywalker.


Don’t Look Into A Lightsaber

One of the more obscure references comes when old Ben Kenobi gives Luke Skywalker his father’s lightsaber in A New Hope. Luke almost immediately looks right into the emitter, which can easily appear to be a humorous gag about how dangerous lightsabers are.

However, this is also a reference to a famous production photo of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker staring into the hilt. The Skywalker Saga is filled with many obscure references that even the most dedicated of fans might not notice.


That Belongs In A Museum, Han!

Another Indiana Jones reference can be found in The Force Awakens, specifically on the mission aboard Han Solo’s smuggling freighter. In one of the rooms, there is the actual Ark of the Covenant from Raiders Of The Lost Ark in LEGO form.

It could simply be a reference and nothing more, or perhaps TT Games and Disney are hinting at a similar treatment to The Skywalker Saga being done for LEGO Indiana Jones. Especially since the fifth installment of Indiana Jones is on the way.


Padme Is Spartacus

When Padme reveals herself to be Queen Amidala to Boss Nass in The Phantom Menace, she says it in such a dramatic and proud manner. As a result, The Skywalker Saga goes even farther by having multiple people step forward and claim to be Queen Amidala in increasingly overdramatic manners.

Most movie fans will recognize this gag as a reference to the original Spartacus from 1960 starring Kirk Douglas; in which all of the slaves begin to call themselves Spartacus in order to protect the real Spartacus.


Side Mission: Impossible

One of the strangest side-missions in The Skywalker Saga is during The Phantom Menace campaign. On the unforgettable Star Wars planet of Tatooine, there is a haunted hut containing a protocol droid that is actually a reference to a Star Wars: Legends story.

Solving and completing the mission will result in the player getting a Kyber brick and a pop-up that says, “Ghost Protocol.” That name for the side-mission is a direct reference to Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. A clever play on the droid name, even if it goes with a strange mission.


Star Wars Or Middle-Earth?

The campaign for The Rise Of Skywalker pokes fun at the strange inclusion of Dominic Monaghan in the film as a random rebel who gets little to no screentime. It’s especially odd since he’s already a pop-culture icon for portraying Merry Brandybuck in The Lords Of The Rings trilogy.

The Skywalker Saga references The Lords Of The Rings by having Monaghan’s Kim in the Resistance Camp. He can be found complaining about not having the supplies to make a second breakfast. This is a reference to The Fellowship Of The Ring and the Hobbits wanting a second breakfast.